Monday, December 29, 2014

I'm a Red Girl...

Guess what? I bought the red couch today.

That may seem like a very weird thing to write but it's actually pretty meaningful.

I've always wanted a red couch. But I always had the same conversations with myself whenever I thought about buying one.

It's not practical.
If you change your mind you're stuck with it.
It's red, Darcey. Don't be ridiculous.
Get a neutral color, it goes with everything.

I've looked & looked at furniture. The last sales lady saw me standing & staring at a gorgeous red sofa in the show room & she said, "Oh you're a red girl. Not every girl is a red girl."

I thought about what she said all afternoon & I decided she was right. I don't know when I made this simple transformation but I did.

am a red girl.

So I went to the furniture store today & I bought the red couch.

It's velvety soft, completely impractical & the deepest richest most beautiful color I have ever seen. Every single time I look at the boldness & beauty it's a physical reminder to stop settling & to live boldly.

No more playing it safe to fit everyone else's expectations. It is a perfect daily reminder to trust what I love & what I want & to keep daring to be who I am. 

Maya Angelou is a favorite of mine & I am reminded of her poem, "When I am Old I Shall Wear Purple."

In the meantime I'm happy being a red girl.
Who knew.

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