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Running Thoughts grew out of my journey into the second half of my life. I started asking myself hard questions as I approached 40. I had lost both of my parents and my family in my 30's and I developed a keen new sense of how short life really is. I was at my heaviest weight of all time. I had moved to a new community. I had closed my business due to the move after starting and owning it for nearly a decade. All of these things were factors that caused me to pause and try to make some sense out of my life. 

Everything I thought I knew didn't fit anymore. I had always defined myself as someone's daughter or sister or friend. And now I wasn't. Fairly soon after the move, identity-less, so to speak, I started becoming known here as "Josh's wife'. That was when I decided it was finally time to become me. 

For nearly a year I spent time with myself just being. I tried lots of different things, everything from jobs to running. I had lots of successes and lots of failures. In the end I learned that you really only fail when you don't try.

I started running as a way to get stronger. I lost the weight I had accumulated as my "protection" over the years.... shedding over 50 pounds and gaining a strength and confidence I had never before known.

I also started writing a memoir of my life in an attempt to make some sense out of my childhood, my family, my anger and my grief. In many ways I think the writing helped me say goodbye to some of my past and who I used to be. Writing and getting all of that out suddenly made room for me to grow. It was scary and exciting all at once.

There was a "me" starting to emerge. 

The blog is a culmination of all that I have discovered that I love. I love owning my own business and having flexibility to be with my girls. I love writing and I love running. I love reflecting and learning new things about myself and life. I love sharing and helping others. I love connecting with people. I've discovered that writing is my true passion. 

I hope my thoughts in some way add to your life. Thanks for reading.

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