Monday, June 10, 2013

Putting the pieces together

Isn’t it strange the way it seems we are already surrounded with all that we need? The missing component is using our unique creativity to put the pieces of what we love together and define our own success.
It struck me this afternoon on a rainy dreary Monday that it may be just that simple. I was having a tough time getting motivated to work. So I took a piece of advice that a decorator and friend from the community kitchen told me yesterday. I saw her at TJ Maxx and we talked about her doing some decorating for me. We joked that she would come over and decorate for me for drinks! She said all you have to do is pull out 5 of your favorite things and then we play. It all starts and revolves around surrounding yourself with what you love and what brings you comfort. It was a simple 5 minute impromptu conversation.

Today feeling in a funk I decided I would try some much needed self care. I did some short meditation before going to the gym. I remembered thinking on my long run yesterday that meditation is the space between thoughts. I almost always find that space toward the end of my long run. My mind is clear of clutter in the 9th, 10th, and 11th mile. It’s just me and my breathing and the drive to finish. I decided I should try to recreate that feeling today while being still. I logged a good 10 minutes which is great for me! I went to the gym and by lunch I was ready to get to work. Work. I have been searching for something new and more reflective of the person I have become to infuse into my business and I’ve been really stuck lately.

So this afternoon I decided to set up shop on the couch. I pulled out my laptop and thought of my decorator friend and grabbed something I loved. I immediately went to this candle. Its a heavy glass hand painted scented candle I made a long time ago. I love the look and the feel and the smell. So I lit it and felt instantly soothed. And then a spark came. My neighbor was just telling me of a candle she has that she loves and keeps on her desk. And it struck me. She is inspired by her candle. If I am soothed and inspired by this and I love this, maybe someone else will too.

So I snapped a picture and I put it on Facebook asking the question, Do you like this? A fleeting thought went through my head, what if no one likes it? But my new stronger runner-self replied, who cares? You love it! So I made the choice to be brave and I posted it.

Today’s puzzle pieces took me all day to put together… Running reflections, a community kitchen friend, something I created and love, confidence to get out of my comfort zone thanks to running, and now writing about it. All the pieces of this puzzle are things that I love. I can’t wait to see the picture that the pieces create down the road. Maybe going with the flow of life and simply loving what you love is the first step. Maybe success really is just using your creativity to recognize and put the pieces of all you love together. I think it’s worth a shot anyway :)