Friday, January 30, 2015

Not an I love you

I've been reading a great deal of poetry lately & it's really inspired me. My mom wrote poetry. I'm so drawn to it. It must be in my blood :) I'm not really sure where this one came from. I think I finally may have connected with my muse, the writing guide everyone talks about. They say you know it's your muse when the words just flow.

If this piece of art were made with words I imagine this is what it might say....

Not an I love you....

I love you.
Not a crazy
Head over heels I love you.
Not a logical I love you. 
Not an I love you
To be heard by your ears
Or felt by your hands.
Not an I love you
That will hold you close
Or kiss your perfect lips
Or feel the roughness of your face
On my skin.
My silent I love you
Lives far far away
Deep in my soul.
A knowing
A longing.
That which can never be.
Yet is.

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