Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Today's run: Hokas, baby squirrels and not giving up

I managed a short run this morning in my new Hokas. Who said shoes don't matter??


Seriously though, I'm still having leg issues on and off when I increase mileage and the Hokas are my last resort. The jury is still out. They feel a little awkward to run in but everyone tells me to stick with them. I look like Mary Moon! Pretty, they are not :) 

I keep telling myself if I take it slow I have a chance to start training soon for the Wine Glass Marathon in October. I'm already....
signed up. It was a decision I made after the September Marathon. Yip, injured and sad & feeling alone I signed up for marathon number 2. All the ingredients for a good decision, no? Sarcasm.

I'm determined but truthfully I'm also feeling kinda old these days. I will be 43 in just 7 days. So many times lately, I think of the wisdom I gained training for my first marathon. Every once in awhile I feel that familiar breeze from a faraway place on my runs. Go slow. No slower. I can't help but smile. It still keeps me going & reminds me to never give up. I have a goal of 4:15 for the next go around. And I've got a lot of work to do to make it, but I fully intend to try!

On this morning's run I came across this teeny tiny baby squirrel. 


A crow was attacking him & I chased it off so the little guy could escape but he was just too paralyzed with fear to even move. He just stayed there shivering & huddled in a corner trying to get into a wall with no opening. It was futile. I tried to shoo him off to run to a safer place while holding off the crow but he was just too scared. After waiting a long while I finally realized I couldn't save him so I gave up & headed back to my run. The whole way back I was really sad and totally preoccupied with that little guy. Crazy, right? The truth is so much of that scene resonates with me.

Fear. Been there done that. Fear can be so paralyzing. But you have to keep moving forward & trying new things to get where you want to be. 

The top of the upper lake road that I used to be able to run up.... but for now have to bike up.

My tendency is to be just like that little squirrel. He was a good reminder to not let fear keep me stuck in the same place. I have to keep moving and find a way to get where I want to be. He also reminded me that as much as I may want to be saved or to save someone else, I can't. You can only save yourself. Sometimes you have to just let go and have faith that what is meant to be will be. All old lessons. True for squirrels and true for me.

I hope my little squirrel friend has found his own way out and that he is out there somewhere running; safe and sound and happy.

As for me, I have 1 mile down today...... And 25.2 to go. Keeping the faith & moving forward because I'm not done yet.

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