Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pity Party of One

The wind blew jingling my mom's wind chimes hanging on the back porch. I immediately felt the urge to write. My mom wrote great poetry and I never really appreciated how hard that is until today. Blogging is a different kind of hard. Words can make you vulnerable but there's room in writing for explanation to ease your fear. Poetry is like music. It puts your feelings out there without extra words or explanations. Both just come from your heart and speak to your heart, not your brain. So I'm trusting you will read this with your heart, not your brain. 

Pity Party of One
by: Darcey Corkins-Elias

Pity party of one
Unable to run.
Bridger of the distance
Easer of the pain
Accept things as they are
Close the door
Try to keep sane.
The chase
Kept you running  
Too hopeful a pace
To destination anywhere
Or some island escape.
Give in. Your chance has passed
Like a love
You swore would last.
The distance grows
As you sit still
Leaving a hole 
You cannot fill.
The wind in your face
The passion you feel
It's gone
For now
As you wait to heal.


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