Saturday, April 6, 2013

6 miles

The voice on my new app said “6 miles” when I hit the top of Main St hill and I thought I might cry right there on the sidewalk with cars whizzing by. I made it back to the mileage I was at before I went off track.

It’s amazing how history has a way of repeating itself. And it’s interesting how running is always the mirror. I had built up to 6 miles when I started back up running in the fall and winter. I had hit 6 miles, my furthest distance of all time, and I felt great. I felt strong and empowered. And then life took an unexpected turn. 

Physically, my running became sporadic and less consistent. I was distracted and stopped focusing on my running goals. Running had forced me to put my energy in myself. I had to count on myself to go the distance. I began to repeat old unhealthy behaviors and I broke one of my cardinal rules in running. I looked back.

I feel fortunate to have the lens of running with which I view so much of my life. It’s a great lens because as I look at the hard stuff, I am moving forward and building confidence and strength. It’s a safe place to be while I look at the stuff I would rather not see at all. The roads I travel running allow my subconscious mind to translate the roads I have taken in my life and give them some sort of meaning. Most importantly, getting back my 6 miles reminds me that even when things go wrong there is always hope. If I can push forward and get back the mileage, there is hope that in the case of my life, I can get back who I am and the path I am meant to be on. 6 miles never felt so good.

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