Tuesday, March 26, 2013

For the love of...ME!

I have been struggling for weeks trying to come up with a more appropriate name for this blog. I wanted the name to reflect so many things. I wanted it to capture candle making and my business, For the Love of Lizzy Candles. I wanted it to capture my struggles with turning 40 and my new love of running. It needed to capture my renewed love of writing. I thought of lots of catchy names but none of them felt right.

So true to how my brain and creativity seem to work these days, it just came to me on yesterday’s run. It seemed so simple. And as I ran I had the odd sense that it had been there all along. It’s almost as if the act of running somehow gets my mind flowing. The physical movement somehow unlocks my imagination and my creativity. It was really pretty simple. For the love of me. I’m 40 years old and all the things I’m finally doing and discovering are finally for the love of me. I’m learning to love myself at 40. I’m reflecting on my life, my choices and planning my future. My business reflects light in the candles I produce, but also in the freedom it allows me. I can see the light in my children everyday thanks to my business. I can see the light in the gratitude from the folks at the community kitchen.

It’s interesting that the name of my blog came from the name of my business. I started my business for family balance when I had my daughter, Elizabeth.  It was perfect. I could be home more while earning an income and spending time with her. I remember I struggled with a name for the business 11 years ago also. I remember the name came to me out of no where. It was simple and as soon as I thought it, I knew it was right much in the same way this feels right. It feels like it’s finally my time.

I’m so grateful for yesterday’s revelation. I am grateful that it came to me and that I have an outlet for my thoughts and feelings doing so many things I love. It’s amazing how this blog has allowed me to pull all the aspects of myself together in a way that is finally starting to make sense. Sometimes I feel like one big contradiction. Nothing I love seemed to fit together. But through running and writing, getting jobs and quitting jobs, sharing my successes and failures, opening myself up to others, and through accepting things as they are, I have discovered everything fits. For the love of… me. Writing, running and reflecting light. My journey to discover and integrate who I am, what I do and what I love.

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